Grass Karting

Welcome to Grass Karting

Grass meeting are every third Sunday of the month

First meeting being April to the last one in October

Of the 7 meetings, 6 rounds are for the Club Championships, with heats at each. The 5 best meeting scores count towards the titles. In addition to the heats, we run a non-winners race  for each class ( all drivers outside the top three on the day )  and also allcomers races which see’s the lowest points scorers start at the front, fastest at the back. They are good to watch and even better to race in !

The other two meetings are the big ones !

We host the annual East of England Championships event. This has been running for many years now and is very popular. The format is just 4 heats, but they are longer races than usual. It can be case of the fittest and not fastest turns out to be the winner ! The winners then have the honour of racing as #E1 until event is held again.

The other meeting, on the third Sunday of October, is our annual ‘Grass Grand Prix’ meeting. A great season finale this one, as the weather can be more unpredictable than usual. It could be like summer, or it could feel like winter, who know’s ? Three heats to qualify for the Grand Prix race, which depending on the track can be up to fifteen laps. The winners will then have the honour of racing as #GP for the following season* (providing that you have competed at two or more grass championship rounds). The top three qualify for the Champion of Champions race. The juniors and seniors are obviously split, but it is the only time on the grass that we mix the classes in the season.

Meeting Times
Signing on and Technical Inspection between 9-10.30am
Drivers meeting
Practice from 10.30am
Racing from 11.00am

Keep an eye on the Race Dates page for further details as we do not always race at the same venue each month.

Grass karts

are similar to Road karts, but amongst other things, they have the nose cone and body kits removed, 5″ ride-on mower type wheels, a roll over bar on the back bumper, ( to be  2″ above the drivers head ) and where applicable, the radiators mounted upon it.

( with all the Grass classes, they too can be raced at our Road meetings but it is advisable to alter the gearing and change to Road wheels and tyres when you do this. )

Classes are:-

70 & 90cc Classes

These are for 8 to 14 year olds. These use a two pedalled kart chassis, with just an accelerator and brake. The engines used are from the Honda C70 & C90 motorcycles, which were popular commuter machines and later often seen as ‘pizza delivery’ bikes. They have a three speed gearbox, with a centrifugal clutch. They are air-cooled, very cheap to run and easy to look after.

125cc 4 stroke gearbox – Juniors

This is the next step up from the 70 & 90 classes. Minimum age is 11 years old, providing you have at least 1 years experience in another class, otherwise it is 12 from scratch. The upper age limit is 16 years. These machines use a three pedalled chassis, accelerator, brake and clutch, like a car, with the Honda CBR 125 engine, which is a 5 speed, liquid cooled engine.

125J grid 3

125cc 4 stroke gearbox – Seniors

Technically, they are the same as above. The lower age limit is 16 years old. Many drivers who race in the Junior class graduate into this one, and is also a good entry level class for adults too.

125cc 2 stroke gearbox

Minimum age 16 years old. This is a very popular class, again using a three pedalled chassis. Engine choice is open on this one, with many different engines used, from Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha and others. Most choose to use a liquid cooled engine, although you can have an air cooled if you prefer.


250cc 2 stroke gearbox

Minimum age 16 years old. This is the daddy of the grass karts. These are not for the faint hearted, nor the inexperienced racer. Some of these karts use engines which are in excess of 70 bhp ! Great to watch, difficult to drive, they are a handful. Not wishing to put anyone off, but it is best that you get some experience in one of the other kart classes first before trying these. Again, a three pedalled chassis is used, and there are many engines to choose from. Most use a motocross type from any of the popular manufacturers, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha etc.

250 grid

250cc 4 stroke gearbox

Minimum age 16 years old. This class is growing in popularity all the time. Using a three pedalled chassis, along with a liquid cooled engine ( you can use air cooled if you prefer). The engines appear to be very reliable, and similar to a car to maintain. If you have racing experience from elsewhere, whether it be on a kart, motorcycle or cars, this would be a good place to start.


For further detailed information about these karts, please see the Rule Book

In addition to a kart, you will also need a good quality Crash Helmet, overalls and gloves. A neck brace and balaclava are optional.