Drivers Page

Bourne Kart Club Drivers Letter 2019 will appear here soon, we are still preparing for the forthcoming season.

Can you please arrive at the track as early as possible at our race meetings, the gates open at 8am, and the first meeting of the season can be quite hectic at the signing on desk. Don’t forget that you can download your membership, IOPD and signing in forms from our website Download page and get them filled in before you come to the meeting.

Grass Race dates:

Easter Sunday 21st April, Round 1, Willow Brook Farm
Sunday 19th May, Round 2 & E1, Tallington
Sunday 16th June, Round 3, Willow Brook Farm Cancelled
Sunday 21st July, Round 4, Elm Tree Farm
Sunday 18th August, Round 5, Elm Tree Farm
Sunday 15th September, Round 6, Willow Brook Farm
Sunday 20th October, Grass Grand Prix & Champion of Champions Elm Tree Farm

Race Day Timings

Strictly no engines to be started until after the driver’s meeting

  • 8am Gate Opens Setup All help welcome please
  • 9-10am Technical inspections and signing-on
  • 10-10.30am Drivers meeting
  • 10.30am Practice
  • 11am Race Heat 1 Starts
  • 12pm Race Heat 2 Starts
  • 1pm Race Heat 3 Starts
  • 2-2.15pm Break for Lunch
  • 2.15pm Race Heat 4 Starts
  • 3.15pm Race Heat 5 Starts
  • 4.15pm Allcomes Starts
  • 5.15pm Take down and packed away All help welcome please
  • 5.45pm Trophy presentation and closing words
  • 6pm Gate Closes

Road Race Dates:

The race meetings below all take place at:
East Kirkby Airfield, access via
Greenfield Lane, East Kirkby, Spilsby, Lincolnshire PE23 4DE

Sunday 5th May, Round 1,
Sunday 2nd June, Round 2,
Sunday 7th July, Round 3,
Sunday 4th August, Round 4,
Sunday 1st September, Grand Prix
Sunday 6th October, Round 5,

Race Day Timings

Strictly no engines to be started until after the driver’s meeting

  • 8am Gate Opens Setup All help welcome please
  • 9-10am Technical inspections and signing-on
  • 10-10.30am Drivers meeting
  • 10.30am Practice
  • 11am Race Heat 1 Starts
  • 12pm Race Heat 2 Starts
  • 1-1.30pm Break for Lunch
  • 1.30pm Race Heat 3 Starts
  • 2.30pm Race Heat 4 Starts
  • 3.30pm Take down and packed away All help welcome please

Welcome to the 2019 Bourne Kart Club race season

It feels like a long time since we last raced, Sunday 21st October to be précised for the grass and the 7th October for the road. We look forward to welcoming you all back again, on Easter Sunday for the grass and 5th May for the road.

The committee have as usual worked hard over the winter, with the Dinner, Dance and Presentation evening, the Motorsport With Attitude event and preparing for the forthcoming season. As I write this, we still have plenty to do!

Having reviewed what we did last season, we will be offering more racing at each meeting, with 5 heats and all-comers races on the grass and 8 lap heats instead of 6 on the road.

The membership and race day fees remain the same as last year, but unfortunately the I.O.P.D. fees have gone up. These have risen to £20 for the season and £10 for a single event. We challenged this very hard. We begged, we

pleaded, we groveled, but we couldn’t get them to change their minds. In all fairness, the prices hadn’t changed in the 10 years that we have been with them and we have been getting our monies worth with help on noise abatement and legal issues amongst other things.


We are proud to be members of the I.O.P.D., working to a high standard of safety for everyone.

As well as ensuring safety standards are met, membership of the I.O.P.D. gives the club and its member’s protection from prosecution under the Road Traffic Act. An event authorised by the I.O.P.D. becomes legal and authorised by Act of Parliament and the organisers, officials and participants are exempt from prosecution under the most serious Road Traffic Act offences. We hold and display an Authorisation Permit issued by the I.O.P.D. (one of the 11 governing bodies able to do so) without which we would be committing a criminal offence even though the event takes place on private land. Without this exemption, in the event of serious injury or death, drivers and organisers could be liable to fines and or imprisonment.

For further information please visit to our website.

Whilst we will not comment on other individual motorsport organisations, but many are also members of similar bodies for the same reasons.

The Club is continually on the lookout for further fields for grass race meetings, and if you are able to help in this matter, please get in touch.

Should you wish to be involved in the running of the club and joining our small but friendly committee, we would love to hear from you.

Please make sure that your karts are in good working order, paying special attention to your exhaust systems, making sure that they are the correct ones for your kart, and are fitted securely. Also, at the request of the technical inspectors, can you please present your karts to them with the engines cold, as this will make the inspection easier and safer.


Annual Membership fees – £21 for Seniors – £11 for Juniors – £5.00 for Day

Race day fees Grass Meetings £20 for Seniors and £14 for Juniors.

Race day fees Road Meetings £25 for Seniors and £20 for Juniors.

I.O.P.D. license £20.00 Year – £10.00 for Day (required to race at Bourne Kart Club)


At the AGM it was agreed there would be no dropped meetings,

Rule 47 We reserve the right to refuse membership.

Rule 42 Kart competition number 1 can only be worn by last seasons class points champions,

in-line with other motorsports.


Grass Championship Rounds will now consist of 5 races of six laps plus an all-comers race.

The Grand Prix will remain as a stand-alone meeting giving a total of 6 meetings plus the Grand Prix.

Rules concerning Super & Senior 70cc’s and 175cc gearbox karts have been removed as we no longer run those classes.


Heat races at championship rounds will now consist of 8 laps, not 6. This is to give you more value for money.

Rule 03 R(3) Cadets 8-12 years: Honda GX160 engine, to remain standard and unmodified, chassis and tyre choice

remain open. (This amendment was agreed by the Committee in May 2018). Other Karts, including Comers, will race in the Junior Open class going forward.  Any non-standard engine will also be placed in the Junior Open Class.

Rule 03 R(1) GX160 Junior 13 to 16 years: Honda GX160 engine, to remain standard and unmodified chassis and tyre choice open. (This was already agreed by the Committee in May 2018) Any engines not deemed to be standard will be asked to race in the Junior Open Class.

Rule 03 R(4) Junior Max aged 11 to 16 years through discussion it was agreed that a junior who has a 16th birthday part way through the season can remain as a junior until the end of that season.  Alternatively, they can choose to race in a senior class but cannot transfer any points earned in a junior class.


Technical inspections and signing-on between 9-10am

Drivers meeting commences after signing-on has been completed.

Practice starts at 10.30am, with racing from 11am.

Many thanks for your co-operation, and we hope that you have a good day.